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Come Celebrate Neverland with the Faeries! ~ June 13-14, 2015

Experience the Gift of Faeries

Experience Gifts

Instead of giving an unwanted white elephant, misfit clothing, or a toy that will be lost or broken, why not give the gift of an experience this holiday season?

Welcome to the Maryland Faerie Festival Camping Ring Experience

The Maryland Faerie Festival Faerie Ring Camping Experience!

Welcome to The Faerie Ring Camping Experience! Staying in your own tent or in one of our nice cabins, you will be steps to your own faerie festival home as you enjoy the festival. Start Friday night there with a drumming circle, dancing, fire performances and who knows, maybe a concert will erupt! Wake up on the lovely grounds, and enjoy breakfast in the dining hall, with all the other faeries, elves, goblins… entertainers and guests all eat together, and friendships are formed as we break bread together, or lick the dew drops off undersides of leaves, according to dietary preferences…. (A limited access ticket is also available, for those who don’t choose to be on the meal plan.) Enjoy the festival Saturday, and if on the Full Access Plan, come eat lunch in the Dining Hall, and dinner as the fair closes for the day. Saturday night our Masquerade Ball, “SummerFest” will have performances by Ishtar and the Aubergine Faeries, Frenchy and the Punk, and Telesma! Masks are optional, costumery and high spirits encouraged! Sunday, the daytime fun starts again! Breakfast and lunch are included with the Full Access Pass. Please do an Amazing Magical job of cleaning out your cabin and getting all trash in bags in provided cans, or better yet- pack it out! We have tent sites here at lovely Ramblewood, for tents sized up to 15’ x15’. * Each PERSON needs a ticket, not each tent. Children’s access passes are less expensive, but they still need one! For just $10 more than camping, you can stay in a bed in one of our clean, bright cabins. Either way, you have access to hot showers, lights, sinks, and flush toilets. The cabins have all been renovated and contain brand new mattresses and box springs. Ramblewood’s staff works hard each season making sure that the showers and bathrooms are clean, and with the help of each of the groups that stay here, we keep them that way throughout the season. When you arrive: Check in with the Gate Faeries, and show your registration print out. They will point you to the CABIN and TENT Czarina. ***You may arrive as early as 5:00 o’clock on Friday, May 12th, 2015. You may pull up to your cabin/tent site on our paved roads, but please, NO PARKING on the grass! Unload, and then please take your vehicle to the Vehicle Playground of Wonder, aka the Parking Lot.

Give the Gift of the Faerie Ring Camping Experience

Prices are on sale now Here at 30% off and will go up after the holidays. Faerie Ring Camping Experience Adult – All Access, For those who choose the Meal Plan: $140.00 Faerie Ring Camping Experience Adult – Limited Access, No Meals Included: $112.00 Faerie Ring Camping Experience Child – All Access, For those who choose the Meal Plan: $80.50 Faerie Ring Camping Experience Child – Limited Access, No Meals Included: $52.50 You can also register a group!

Who is the new Camping Czarina?

Can I get Day Tickets? Weekend Passes? Tickets to only the Evening Activities?

Coming soon, more information about the Maryland Faerie Festival’s multiple options and package deals for attendance.

Introducing Sweet Stardust the Red Unicorn

Sweetie the Unicorn, running with her Daughter, Sweet Stardust the Red Unicorn

Sweetie the Unicorn, running with her Daughter, Sweet Stardust the Red Unicorn

The Maryland Faerie Festival is pleased to announce our new Unicorn-In-Residence, Sweet Stardust, the Red Unicorn and her Yellow Faerie. They will be at the Maryland Faerie Festival at Camp Ramblewood, in Darlington Maryland, May 10 and 11, 2014.

Sweet Stardust the Red Unicorn,  goes by the nickname Dusty. She is the daughter of the famous unicorn, Sweetie, who has now traveled over the Rainbow Bridge.

Dusty likes all treats.  She’s not as finicky as Sweetie was.  She especially likes starlight mints, baby carrots, and oats-n-honey granola bars. She loves big fields to run in, likes to play in water by splashing her hooves, and enjoys wooded trails. 

Dusty spent her entire life with Sweetie.  Dusty now lives in Harwood, Maryland with an old friend Pixie, the goat.  Pixie has been on an episode of Animal Planet.  Dusty also has an exciting role in a TV movie coming out on The Weather Channel this summer.

Sweet Stardust the Red Unicorn and her Yellow Faerie

Sweet Stardust the Red Unicorn and her Yellow Faerie

Around-the-lake Nature Walk with Zenlizard

Do you think we will see bullfrogs in Loch Leff at Ramblewood?

Do you think we will see bullfrogs in Loch Leff at Camp Ramblewood?

Join Zenlizard  at the Maryland Faerie Festival, for a walk around Loch Leff. Discover the many different types of wildlife to be found in and around the lake on the grounds. The walk should take approximately 1 hour, and will begin and end at the point of the Troll Bridge, near the pony rides. Hikes will begin at 11am, 2pm, 4pm. This is an outdoor event, so if severe weather prevails at any given start time, the walk will have to be cancelled.

Zenlizard, in addition to being a reptile, is a wildlife rehabilitator, holding a masters’-level license in the state of Maryland. In addition, he has been involved in herpetoculture for upwards of 25 years.

Zenlizard to lead nature hikes at the Maryland Faerie Festival

Zenlizard and tortoise


The Court of Dawn and Twilight Court

Originally published in the 2008 Maryland Faerie Festival Map. Now our courts are called the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, the traditional Scottish names.

We wish to offer a brief explanation to those of you who have little knowledge of the Faerie lore:

Faeries are ruled over by two courts. One is the Court of Dawn, known also as the Summer Court, and the other is the Twilight Court, or Winter Court. The powers of these two courts affect our world and are evident in the changing seasons and weather occurrences. Maintaining a balance of power between these two courts is very important to faeries, as many natural disasters are believed to be caused by disruption at this balance. As the Court of Dawn waxes in power and light, our winters become summers and all the plants and creatures at the earth bloom and grow. And again as the Twilight Courts wax in power in its own right- sequestering the light under a deep, rich darkness, winter covers the earth in snow the plants and creatures take their much-needed rest.

Each of the two courts has a ruling King and Queen, whose rule is absolute. Each court has one Knight, a mortal champion appointed by the Queen, who may involve him or her in mortal matters.

The two courts rarely see eye to eye, but they’ maintain a deep respect and understanding of the necessity of each other, and as a result conflicts are hardly more than brief scrimmages: banter, feats of skill, cunning, wordsmithing. Occasionally more violent forms of conflict occur. It is believed every faerie conflict has a great effect on our nature, weather, and the environment around us.

Faeries never tell lies. However, they are wordsmiths; this means that while they speak truth, their words can be tricky and misleading. So if you talk to a faerie, be careful to ponder all the meanings of what they say. All faeries are mischievous by nature but rarely mean any harm.

All of life is precious to faeries therefore the two faerie courts have reached an accord of peace. Twice a year they meet towards the middle of the seasons to pass the light and transfer their reign. In order to maintain a balance the Dawn Court allows the symbolic light to pass to the Twilight Court at an event known as SummerFest. The Twilight Court then rules for the next six months and then allows the light to pass back to the Court of Dawn at an event called WinterFest. This way, the cycle of life is perpetuated and balance is maintained.

COURT of DAWN or Seelie Court

Seelie King and Queen of the Maryland Faerie Festival

Seelie King and Queen of the Maryland Faerie Festival

The Summer Court is more the warm and caring side – summer faeries are typically more nurturing. The Court of Dawn Faeries are associated with all the elements, and the gate to their land is known as the Verdant Tor. The lands beyond this gate are referred to as the Nevemever and are bright, sunny, warm, and lush with vegetation. Their rule allows humans the warmth of summer to swim, play, and relax and celebrate. They dress the landscape in velvet greens and rich browns, while the flower faeries paint the fields with millions of bright colors. Be warned:
the summer Faeries can be just as mischievous as their winter counterparts. You may find yourself lost in slumber and over- sleeping your commitments, or lost in the woods whilst admiring its beauty!

TWILIGHT COURT or Unseelie Court

Unseelie King and Queen

Unseelie King and Queen of the Maryland Faerie Festival

The twilight court is colder and harsher than its summer counterpart. Their lands resemble tundra or frozen wasteland. The gate to their land is referred to as Arctic Tor. Some at the lesser creatures of Winter include trolls, goblins, and spirits that play on the fears of mortals. Their rule allows the world to become dormant and replenish its energy, Twilight faeries dress the scenery in the colors of the fall and winter, painting the trees in riotous, raucous color and then, in time, working hard to create millions of individually shaped snowflakes.



Look for the Blue Capped Pixies at Maryland Faerie Festival

The Maryland Faerie Festival Blue Capped Pixies help all visitors to the Maryland Faerie Festival!

The Maryland Faerie Festival Blue Capped Pixies help all visitors at the Maryland Faerie Festival!

In the legends associated with Dartmoor, pixies (or piskeys) are said to disguise themselves as a bundle of rags to lure children into their play. The pixies of Dartmoor are fond of music and dancing and for riding on Dartmoor colts. These pixies are generally said to be helpful to normal humans, sometimes helping needy widows and others with housework. They are not completely benign however, as they have a reputation for misleading travelers (being “pixy-led”, the remedy for which is to turn your coat inside out).

In 1890, William Crossing noted a pixie’s preference for bits of finery: “Indeed, a sort of weakness for finery exists among them, and a piece of ribbon appears to be… highly prized by them.”

By the early 19th century their contact with humans had diminished. In Samuel Drew’s 1824 book Cornwall one finds the observation: “The age of pixies, like that of chivalry, is gone. There is, perhaps, at present hardly a house they are reputed to visit. Even the fields and lanes which they formerly frequented seem to be nearly forsaken. Their music is rarely heard.”

The Maryland blue capped Pixie is alive and well. They have promised the Seelie Queen to be on best behavior, to help all visitors to the Maryland Faerie Festival!

By Nina Amaya

The Maryland Faerie Festival Announces the 10th Anniversary of the Maryland Faerie Festival on May 10th & 11th, 2014 from 10:00 am-6:00 pm

The Maryland Faerie Festival is pleased to announce the 10th Anniversary of the Maryland Faerie Festival on May 10th & 11th, 2014 from 10:00 am-6:00 pm. This marks the 3rd year that the Maryland Faerie Festival has held its celebration at Camp Ramblewood in Darlington at 2564 Silver Rd.   Each year thousands of people come together, to celebrate the faeries and enjoy pageantry, magic, music, and mischief. The Festival provides an atmosphere and entertainment inspired by Faerie folklore and literature, and, of course, by the Faeries themselves.


“This year we are celebrating Tree Spirits! I think we will see lots of Dryads, little white forest spirits, deer and other forest animals, Elves, Ents Entwives, and Faeries dressed in leaves,” said Holly Budd, Board Representative, “Keep your eyes open for a wooden Sprite with wings covered in large pointy multi- colored fall leaves, navy blue face, with light blue around the eyes, and a bright sparkly green eye shadow; clothes of browns and greens, leaves and twigs.”

“Getting out into the trees, climbing and exploring – nothing is like it. Escape from school and regular day to day stuff and get your Faerie on!”  said Stephen Steamer Ravenwolves, a young man who has been coming since the festival started.

Family-friendly activities including storytellers, puppet shows, music, magic, Faerie Tea Parties, crafts, the Glamour Glen, food, fine arts, and games. There will be a lot of new vendors and reenactment type activities this year.

The Goblins and the night-time Fae continue the fun even after the sun goes down, with bonfires and fire performers, drumming in Friday Night and the SummerFest Faerie Ball on Saturday night! For those who don’t want to miss a moment of the magic, the Faerie Ring Camping Experience allows for a complete escape into the magical and fantastical world of the Fae.

Maryland Faeries promote the stewardship of nature, outdoor education, and sponsor faerie artists, merchants and entertainment. As a 501c-3 nonprofit organization, the Maryland Faerie Festival provides educational and outreach opportunities for groups whose mission also encourages love, cooperation, peace, harmony and respect for all beings.

The Maryland Faerie Festival offers multiple options and package deals for attendance, including Day Tickets, Weekend Passes, tickets to only the evening activities, and The Faerie Ring Camping Experience All-Access Weekend Pass. Discounts are also given to day visitors who come in costume. Visit and click on “Buy Tickets” for more information.

Maryland Faerie Festival Honored at Prince George’s County Police and Sheriff’s Explorer Awards Ceremony

Maryland Faerie Festival Outstanding Community Supporter

Maryland Faerie Festival Outstanding Community Supporter
In appreciation of your continuing support of Explorers Post 1696 Since 2005 March 29, 2014

By Tom Friedel, (Kalabran), Maryland Faerie Festival Producer and Board Member.

Saturday, March 29th I was honored to attend the Prince George’s County Police and Sheriff’s Explorer Awards Ceremony held in Fort Washington. As I was and executive with the Boy Scouts for almost 14 years I knew what to expect from the majority of the ceremony: chicken, rice, green beans, pasta…it’s a meal most everyone will enjoy. Lots of speeches from local officials, the Chief, the Sheriff and many other dignitaries.

The Explorers and the Posts were also honored by the Council office with service awards for hours of service to the community that started at 1000 hours and exceeded 2500 hours for some posts. The posts themselves received awards and the top male and female officers were recognized as well.

But then something on, but not outlined, was on the program. Lt. Yakeisha Hines of Post 1696 began reading…..”The Maryland Faerie Festival is a 501 c-3 organization….”. A few people were puzzled by why the mission statement of our festival was being read in the middle of a Post awards ceremony.  It didn’t fit the room filled with clean pressed uniforms, shining and polished brass and shoes, the tables of officers with service weapons on their hips and handcuffs on their belts.

The Lieutenant explained that the Maryland Faerie Festival was the reason they were here today, why the post was able to attend the local and National conventions and conferences. She explained that when the post was ranked in competition with the entire country and were placing in the top three in many areas of professional service such as hostage negotiation, traffic stops, and color guard.  This not only draws attention to the exceptional young men and women in the post, but to the degree of service that they provide in the tens of thousands of hours. It also speaks highly to the dedication of the officers and sheriffs that provide training, leadership and community service seen as cornerstones of building good officers.  We were the only group back in 2005 that gave them a substantial donation for the incredible service they provided the attendees of the festival. We have continued to do so for the last 8 years, providing over $10,000 in support for their program. Anyone that has been with us from the beginning knows the challenges of the first year and the parking lot. Those Explorers for us were a god send, and allowed us to focus on other aspects of our event.

We have believed that from the beginning we wanted to be community minded event and involve all those who had like minded missions. The donations we made were the right thing to do. No one had to tell us that, and we were doing the right thing for the right reasons. We didn’t realize how important this was not only to that Post, but to the entire program.  The posts have now been given the opportunity to manage the parking of large lots at FedEx Field for the Washington Redskins home games.

Now that the Festival in being held in Harford County, our Post has decided that the Sheriff’s Department here should be receiving the support we provided them the past 8 years. So this year the parking for the Festival will be run by the Harford County Sheriff’s Department Explorer Post.

So on behalf of our Festival, from the Police and Sheriff’s Departments of Prince George’s County, I received an engraved Glass Award that recognized us for our support of the Post.

I was happy to receive it on behalf of all of you. It’s nice to know that someone else sees that we are meeting our mission, and making a difference in the lives of the Explorers and their leaders. Being good stewards of the environment, our community, and helping preserve homes for the faeries.

Sweetie the Unicorn Brought Magic to Our Lives

Sweetie the Unicorn at the 2013 Maryland Faerie Festival Yenra Photography

Sweetie the Unicorn at the 2013 Maryland Faerie Festival Yenra Photography

On this cold day in January, Sweetie the Unicorn has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to warm green pastures. Sweetie was 31 years old. My heart goes out to Sweetie’s family, and to people and faeries all over the world, her life has touched.

Sweetie was more than a pet horse; she was an inspiration for imagination, a “dream come true” for so many who met her at the Maryland Faerie Festival.  I was lucky to spend time with her, at her home with Robin, where she, lived quietly disguised as a horse most of the year.

Sweetie, you live on in your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all the people you have brought joy to. You were a gentle companion that brought a little magic to our lives. You will be remembered, my friend.

Sweetie  by David Fimbres

Sweetie the Unicorn and Robin the Yellow Faerie Photo by David Fimbres

Sweetie the Unicorn in the flower glades, browsing her leafy greens.

Sweetie the Unicorn in the flower glades, browsing her leafy greens.

Sweetie the Unicorn in the Faerie Glades

Sweetie the Unicorn in the Faerie Glades

Sweetie The Unicorn

Sweetie The Unicorn by the Lake at Maryland Faerie Festival Picture by Argenta Silver Fox

Sweetie the Unicorn on the other side of Loch Less Photo by Yenra

Sweetie the Unicorn on the other side of Loch Less Photo by Yenra

What Does the Fox Say? Faerie Flash Mob

All young fae and their human hosts were invited to partake of the delights in the FaerieCon East Children’s Area, run by the Maryland Faerie Festival’s Queen of the Seelie Court. This year we learned The Fox Dance!

Share the Faerie Magic! Join us at the Maryland Faerie Festival.

“What does the Fox Say?” is an awesome song by Ylvis. The Faeries love it!

The Maryland Faerie Festival
 May 10 –  May 11, 2014
Camp Ramblewood
2564 Silver Road
Darlington, MD 21034

September Volunteer Meeting

The Seelie King and Queen at the Maryland Faerie Festival

Calling All Volunteers for two opportunities with the Maryland Faerie Festival Family.

1.  Volunteers are needed to assist with a table promoting the Maryland Faerie Festival at the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Big Event. We will pass out literature, talk about the upcoming festival, and assist children with a simple craft.

Please let us know ASAP if you are able to assist and what hours you are able to assist. It is not necessary to volunteer the entire time. Volunteers are needed for shifts starting at 10:00 am and going through the close of the event at 4:00 pm.

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, Big Event
Howard County Fairgrounds
2210 Fairgrounds Road
West Friendship, MD
Saturday, September 21st
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

2.  Please join us Thursday, September 26th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm for a volunteer meeting. We will discuss upcoming opportunities to promote the festival and go over ideas to make the 2014 festival fabulous!

The address is:
1359 Ridge Commons Blvd
Hanover, MD 21076.

This is very close to the Arundel Mills Mall near the intersection of Route 100 and 295. Please call 443-618-6249 if you need assistance with directions. The house is grey with black shutters. Be sure to check house numbers on the mailbox as GPS directions end up at the wrong end of the street.


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